What Is GamStop?

Gambling can be a load of fun. People have a flutter on the horses, the football or spend a bit of time in a casino – online or offline. The gambling industry provides people with entertainment. The thrill of the casino is difficult to match. Betting on sports makes it much more exciting.

But sometimes the fun spills over. If we use cash to try to cover losses it can spiral out of control pretty quickly. If you love to have a flutter, then great. But what happens when that urge takes over? What happens when your every breath is consumed with the desire to gamble? This is when you need to take stock and take a break.

But we don’t go from 0 to 60.

Having a problem gambling builds up over a period of time. And we need to recognise the signs before it becomes an issue. This is where GamStop comes in. This is a solution that allows you to self-exclude from gambling. In the past some of these solutions were difficult to set up and manage. Often, you’d have to register with each separate gambling company for their own scheme. It didn’t work.

The reason GamStop is different is because it enables you to exclude from all UK licensed gambling sites in one go – whether you already hold an account with them or not. This solution means that you get the break from gambling you need without having to jump through hoops.

Why GamStop?

Great question. If you’re in a position where you see some of the warning signs that your gambling is going out of control, then you can put a stop to it straight away. These signs include:

  • Hiding your gambling behaviour from other people. This shows that you feel you are doing something wrong.
  • Thinking about gambling first thing in the morning or last thing at night. These are the times your brain should be at rest. If you’re thinking about gambling here, then maybe it’s time to stop for a while.
  • Gambling with money you don’t have or can’t afford to lose. If you go into debt to gamble, then you really need to get some control with your spend. Likewise, if you forego things like food, utilities, rent or mortgage to have a flutter.
  • Emotional withdrawal in periods when you’re not gambling. If you feel like you’re really missing out on something, then best stay away for a little while longer.
  • Breaking the law to gamble. Stealing or committing fraud for the funds to gamble are tell-tale signs that you have a major problem. This might be when you activate GamStop and give yourself that space and time to seek help.

GamStop has been set up to help people who are starting to go down the wrong path with their gambling. If you feel that any of the above describe you then please utilise GamStop and seek some help. Please don’t become another statistic of the gambling industry. Gambling can be fun. But you need to keep it that way. We are in favour of making online casino games just fun without harming your wallet.