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For many, gambling is a fun recreational activity. For others, it can become a crippling addiction. 

Gambling addictions affect millions of people worldwide. In some countries, nearly 5.8% of residents suffer from this severe condition. 

As if to make matters worse, the condition is not easy to overcome. Most cultures accept gambling, with some even embracing it. Not to mention, gambling is more accessible now than ever, thanks to online casinos. 

Luckily, you can be proactive about your addiction. Anti-gambling software solutions can block your access to online casinos and other betting websites. One of these solutions is Betfilter. However, it cannot restrict access to sites not on GamStop.

Wondering if Betfilter actually works? Here’s our complete review. By the end, you’ll know whether or not this software is for you.

About Betfilter

Betfilter Official Site
Betfilter Official Site

Betfilter is a software solution that blocks gambling websites. It is effective on most computers and mobile devices. 

Betfilter first started in 2008. Since its inception, the software has become more and more effective. It strives to be comprehensive as it continually updates its index of gambling sites. If you find a site that happens to not be on its blocked list, you can report it to the company. 


Betfilter is one of the best solutions on the market. Here are some reasons why it’s excellent for gambling addicts: 

It Has Over 10 Years of Experience

Betfilter has been around for over ten years. This sheer experience has allowed the company to refine its product. It has worked out all major kinks, ensuring the software works how it’s supposed to on PC, iOS, Android, etc. 

It Blocks Most Gambling Sites

There are tons of online gambling sides. Video poker, online slots, blackjack, sports betting—you name it. 

Luckily, Betfilter doesn’t just block the big-name online casinos. It blocks most gambling sites (including those that aren’t as well-known). This comprehensive coverage will minimize your exposure to gambling and reduce your risk of relapsing. 

It Won’t Interfere with Your Other Online Activities

Lots of software solutions block gambling websites. But, their filters often interfere with your other online activity. 

For instance, suppose you’re trying to access a regular gaming site. The software might sense that it’s a gaming site and automatically block it, even if it has nothing to do with gambling. The software may even block sites that mention “gaming,” “betting,” etc. 

This software miscommunication can be very frustrating and interfere with your usual online activities. Luckily, Betfilter is much more accurate. 

The software only censors actual gambling sites. You’ll be able to use everything else as you usually would. 

It’s Easy to Install

The software is straightforward to install. You or a concerned family member can easily download it on your computer, mobile devices, etc. The installation process only takes minutes. 

Once the software has finished installing, you won’t be able to remove it until your one or two-year license is up. This lock-out ensures gambling sites remain blocked and keeps you on the path to recovery. 

It Has Great Customer Support

Betfilter has some of the best customer support available. You can quickly get in touch with agents who care about helping you overcome your addiction. You can also access helpful guides through Betfilter’s website. 


Betfilter is great, but it has a few drawbacks. Here are some things you should consider before buying: 

It Costs Money

Betfilter Cost

Some anti-gambling software solutions are free. Unfortunately, Betfilter is not one of them. 

This software will cost you $69.95 for a one-year license, which works out to about $5.83 per month. Some might consider this expensive, especially when other software solutions are free. 

But, if Betfilter helps you curb your addiction, the price is worth it. 

Additionally, if you get a two-year license, you’ll get a better deal. You’ll only pay $4.95 per month with a two-year license ($118.90 total). 

There’s No Free Trial

Seeing how expensive Betfilter is, you might be wondering if there’s a free trial. Unfortunately, you don’t get to try before you buy. It can be a dealbreaker if you want to give the product a test run before committing.

But there is good news. The company’s website has tons of demo videos. These videos give you a good idea of what the software looks like and how it works. 

You Have to Remove Apps with Built-In Browsers

Betfilter does not block sites that pop up within an app’s built-in browser. The company is clear about this policy, but it is somewhat inconvenient. You will have to delete apps like Gmail, Facebook, etc. 

Is Betfilter for You?

Despite its few drawbacks, Betfilter is an effective solution. It works just as it says it does and will block gambling sites. With it, you’ll be one step closer to overcoming your addiction.

Download Betfilter Today

Looking to stay on the road to recovery? Download Betfilter today! 

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