How to Remove Bet365 Self-Exclusion in 4 Easy Steps

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Remove Bet365 Self-Exclusion
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Bet365 is one of the leading gambling websites globally. Founded in 2000, consumers can access the gambling site in over 15 languages and 29 currencies. 

This diverse customer base means the platform is vast—but it is also answerable to strict gaming laws across all the markets they operate. 

Gambling can be addictive, and some Bet365 customers struggle to overcome their addictive behaviour. According to a GambleAware charity survey, an estimated 2.7% of adults in the United Kingdom were battling gambling addiction. 

To help its customers battling with a gambling addiction, Bet365 promotes various responsible gambling strategies. One of such is the self-exclusion tool.

If you’ve had this limitation placed on your account, you may be seeking ways to get around it. Here, we go over how to remove the Bet365 restriction in four easy steps.

How to Remove Bet365 Self-Exclusion 

Self-exclusion is a big deal for all betting companies, Bet365 included. In cases where it becomes public knowledge that a betting company re-opened a self-excluded account within its exclusion period, they could face regulatory compliance issues from the Gambling Commission

It’s for this reason Bet365 will make sure to close any new accounts you re-open. As mentioned earlier, you can only withdraw any money left in your account. Bet365 prohibits the deposit function of your account during the restriction period. 

All these measures are in place to prevent any individual with gambling issues from suffering a relapse. When it’s time to you remove your Bet365 self-exclusion, here’s how to do it in four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Contact the Bet365 call centre and formally ask for account activation. Note that Bet365 can treat this request only if your self-exclusion period has ended.
  • Step 2: Once the betting operator has handled your request, you’ll get a confirmation email. Click on the confirm button to activate your account.
  • Step 3: In some cases, you might have a ‘cooling-off period’ before your account goes fully functional. But in general, expect your account to go live and free of all self-exclusion restrictions.
  • Step 4: If you are self-excluded through GamStop, here you can find out how to get around GamStop.

What Is Self-Exclusion? 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a gambling habit can sometimes spiral out of control. Many individuals suffer from the after-effects of a gambling addiction long after they have gotten it under control. 

Self-exclusion is an effective way to bring it under control before it’s too late. 

If a gambler feels they are developing a gambling problem or think they are already struggling with one, they can use the self-exclusion tool. Once activated, Bet365 locks them out of their account for a specified period. 

Gamblers can currently choose to self-exclude for six months, one year, two years, five years, or indefinitely. 

While setting up your self-exclusion preferences, you can pick what areas of the website or app you want to place under the restriction. For example, you might decide to limit access to ‘Poker’ only. Or you can choose to restrict access to all ‘Gaming Products.’ You also have the option of excluding yourself from Bet365 completely. 

While your account is under self-exclusion, you can’t bet or game in any form. You can, however, log in and cash-out any unclaimed winnings you have left on your account. 

If you try to re-open your account while it’s still within the restricted period, you’ll get bounced out of your dashboard. The Bet365 team also actively monitors your activity to ensure you don’t open a new account under another alias. 

You’ll find the self-exclusion settings once you navigate to the ‘My Gambling Controls’ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions around self-exclusion on Bet365.

What’s a ‘cooling-off’ period? 

Also called ‘Time out,’ the cooling-off period is similar to self-exclusion but usually shorter. It aims to let you take a short break from gaming and betting. 

If you request for a ‘cooling-off’ period just after your exclusion ends, the betting company assumes you want to give yourself some time to re-evaluate your decision to go back to gaming and betting. 

What is the Minimum Exclusion Period? 

When you sign up for self-exclusion, you have to select the minimum period you want your account restrictions to last for (six months – five years). This period is your Minimum Exclusion Period. 

What happens at the end of your Minimum Exclusion Period?

At the end of your self-exclusion period, your account doesn’t automatically lift the restrictions. If you don’t contact your betting provider, your self-exclusion restrictions will remain on your account. Nor will you be contacted by the betting company to notify you of the expiration of your Minimum Exclusion Period.

If you wish so, you can also call the Bet365 contact centre or send in an email asking them to increase your Minimum Exclusion Period. You can extend it from six months to five years.

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