How to Get Around GamStop: Top 5 up-to-Date Ways

By Jamie Hooper on
Ways to Get Around GamStop
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Gambling is a recreation that many people enjoy and have enjoyed for centuries. However, if not approached responsibly, gambling can also prove to be a severe problem. 

Many people who gamble regularly may experience their friends or family intervening if the hobby takes over their life. People with the best intentions may find ways to keep it from going further.

GamStop is a service that can prevent its users from gambling online to curb the habit. However, some people may have downloaded GamStop at the behest of a loved one and not by their own choice. Here are some ways to navigate around GamStop.

1. Use Non-GamStop Casino Sites

Use Non-GamStop Casino Sites
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GamStop does not connect to every single casino website, meaning there are numerous outliers not recognized by GamStop. You can use these sites to gamble without blockades. 

How it works is that when you download GamStop, the set-up to completion will only scan for recognized sites. If you use gambling sites not on GamStop, you can continue betting online without a trace.

These sites may prove to be the ones with less traffic, but depending on what you seek, that could come as an advantage.

If someone else talked you into downloading GamStop, and the person or people who recommended it is regularly checking up on your progress, this would be an ideal option.

2. Sign Up on Sites without Verification

Sign Up on Sites without Verification
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Virtual services are only as smart as the programs on which they run. It means that if you sign up on gambling sites without an account, you could get around the barrier.

Suppose you downloaded GamStop at the request of a friend. You can continue betting online if you don’t make an account and confirm its legitimacy. After all, no app or website is of any use unless you have explicitly signed up for it.

Additionally, GamStop explains that it may take up to 24 hours to take effect once a new user has signed up. It means there is also the option to sign up in completion and continue betting throughout the final 24-hour window.

3. Sign Up at the Casino on a Close Friend or Family Member’s Account

Sign Up at the Casino on a Close Friend or Family Member
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One way to avoid the gambling lockout is by using a friend or family member’s account and ID information. However, while this is an option, it is unethical and could endanger you and the person whose identity you take

Technically, this would be a form of identity theft, so we don’t recommend this.

Also, it could severely jeopardize the relationship you have with the person in question. It may be an available option, but we do not recommend it.

If you are thinking about this option, consider asking the person if you can use their information. Otherwise, it may be best to consider your options outside of gambling.

4. Visit a Land-Based Casino in Another Country

Visit a Land-Based Casino
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GamStop prevents users from engaging in online betting, but it is powerless to any decision you make in person. 

If friends and family have discouraged you from betting, they’d probably notice if you visited a nearby casino or betting station.

However, if you leave the country for fun or business, it is less likely that you’d be conspicuous.  GamStop wouldn’t recognize your location and the casinos available in that area. 

A trip abroad could be an opportune time to pursue betting in person.

5. Use a VPN to Play in Another Foreign/Offshore Jurisdiction

Use a VPN
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People use VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, for a wide variety of reasons these days. VPNs became popular as a more secure way to access the internet, but they come with the added benefit of disguising the user’s actual location.

VPNs tap into servers all over the world. Suppose someone reset their location using a VPN. They can watch shows and movies in other countries that they can’t get from within their country. 

Naturally, this goes for online gambling, as well!

By downloading a Virtual Private Network and changing your server under it, you get a direct and encrypted line to the internet. It allows you much greater freedom than only using Wi-Fi. 

VPNs are even sophisticated enough to evade GamStop, meaning you can gamble in your very home, and yet the internet will perceive you as in another country entirely.


If you cannot gamble due to GamStop, it may not necessarily mean the end of your betting days. There are ways to circumvent the system, and you can do so responsibly and ethically. Using websites not associated with GamStop, gambling in person, or utilizing a VPN to hide your location, you can still access casinos and all the fun and chance they promise. Just remember to consider if the risk of getting caught is worth the chance you take when getting around GamStop. If it is, then enjoy and best of luck!

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