How to Cancel GamStop in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Cancel GamStop
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GamStop is a useful self-ban program for recovering gambling addicts. But it may not work for everyone all the time. To learn how to cancel GamStop in three steps, keep reading and follow these steps.

What Is GamStop?

GamStop is a specialised self-exclusion scheme for people addicted to online gambling. Created in 2018 by a not-for-profit organisation based in the UK, its original intent was to help people struggling with gambling addiction. 

GamStop helps people who want to curb their addiction through a self-ban. This self-ban lasts for at least six months and can be in place for up to five years, depending on the user’s needs and recovery process.

The program acts like parental controls for television. Once users register and set their preferences for their self-ban, the program will block their access to online gambling sites. 

This self-ban program works with all gambling companies registered in Great Britain.  

Canceling GamStop

Some users choose to get around GamStop before their self-ban is over. Everyone has different reasons for doing this. Because the program is a self-ban, the commitment to continue the ban lies with the user.

If you would like to get around your GamStop self-ban, the process is easy. Just go over the following steps and put them into practice!

1. Find a List of Sites without GamStop

Use Non-GamStop Casino Sites
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GamStop blocks specific gambling sites, but it does not block all of them. This limited reach is an important distinction to remember. 

If you wish to cancel GamStop, the first step is to find a list of sites without GamStop.

Remember, GamStop only works with gambling companies registered in the United Kingdom. GamStop users who want to get around the self-ban should look for gambling sites not registered in the country. 

So what does this entail? Well, there are a few different ways it can play out. One option is to find sites based in the UK but not officially registered (and therefore not connected to GamStop). The other option is to use a site that operates outside of the country.

To find sites like these, a simple search on your preferred search engine will connect you to lists. From there, you should move on to step two.

2. Choose a Casino by Reading the Reviews

Read the reviews
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Once you have found a list of websites without GamStop in place, it is time to choose a casino. 

To choose a casino that is right for you, you will have to conduct adequate research. One of the best ways to do this is by reading reviews.

Reviews are a great way to vet an online casino. You can read what real players have said about it, both good and bad. Make sure to compare reviews carefully. 

Once you feel that you’ve gathered enough knowledge from the reviews, you will proceed to the final step.

3. Sign Up, Make a Deposit, and Start the Game

Sign Up and Start the Game
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Once you have found a casino that checks all your boxes, you are ready to play! You will need to sign up and submit the necessary information. 

You will need to submit your name, email address, and birth date. After signing up, you should make a deposit (if you would like to play for money). You also have the option of playing just for fun. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to start your first game.

Security Considerations

If a gambling site does not have official registration in the UK, you assume some risk if you decide to use it. 

The lack of a UK registry means that these sites have not undergone the same regulatory scrutiny that official gambling sites have. 

Registered gambling businesses must meet a variety of requirements to earn a license in Great Britain. They pay various fees in association with their licenses and must keep up with changing standards and regulations. These businesses adhere to the rules of the Gambling Commission, which works to protect users and other businesses in the industry.

Unregistered gambling businesses are not subject to strong regulations. As a result, they may be more susceptible to fraud, privacy violations, and other serious issues.

If you decide to use an unregistered site in Great Britain, understand the risk before moving forward.

In addition to these unregistered companies, other sites without GamStop include foreign websites operating outside Great Britain. But these also pose security risks. 

If you choose a site from another country, do your research on that country’s gambling laws and decide whether or not your chosen site is official.


As you take steps to cancel GamStop, keep your risk of addiction in mind. Gambling addictions can seriously strain your mental health and interpersonal relationships. When playing online, understand your limits, and don’t be afraid to return to a self-ban if you need it.

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