5 Ways to Block Gambling Sites – Temporarily and Permanently

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Gambling is a severe addiction, and unfortunately, the rising prevalence of online gambling makes it very difficult for those trying to kick the habit to succeed. However, one way to support yourself or a loved one dealing with a gambling addiction is by blocking gambling sites from your internet browser. 

Around the globe, private companies and public institutions have created tools to help minimize the exposure to online gambling for those affected by addiction. So, whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary solutions, there are tons of ways to cut down on access to these sites and rid yourself or a loved one of temptation. 

Read on to find out five effective ways to block out gambling sites temporarily and permanently.

1. Put Yourself on a Self-Exclusion List

In both the US and UK, various services from the government and private sectors will allow you to put yourself on the self-exclusion list.

These lists prevent you from gambling online by essentially giving an individual a way to blacklist themselves from various online game parlours. 

A self-exclusion list will require you to submit personal identification facts. From there, an agency will send it to various gambling sites and their hosting platforms. 

Some in-person casinos also allow individuals to self-exclude from betting in person. For example, in the United States, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement allows participants of this scheme to ban themselves from in-person gambling in Atlantic City alongside online gaming activities. For this program, the minimum banning period is one year.

However, in the UK, you can take advantage of GamStop’s Self-Exclusion scheme. But the other downside is the fact that GamStop is easy to bypass.

The self-imposed bans can go on for six months to five years and up to a lifetime. It is a useful method for those who wish to seek outside help while curbing their gambling habit. 

2. Download Apps Like BetBlocker

Another possible measure someone could take to limit their exposure to gambling sites is downloading an app like BetBlocker or Betfilter.

BetBlocker is an application where users can choose to ban themselves from specific gambling sites. Casinos helped to develop this app as a harm-reduction tool.

This app is available to all operating systems, including Apple, Linus, and Windows. Users of the app choose both the sites they would like to block and the amount of time they want to be locked out. 

Some users find BetBlocker more effective than other tools because they can ban licensed and unlicensed gaming sites through the application. 

But one of the drawbacks of BetBlocker is that the experience is user-driven. If a user cannot set appropriate limits for themselves, the tool is less useful. 

All in all, this tool is ideal for those looking to set temporary limits on their access to online gambling sites. 

3. Use Your Bank to Your Advantage

An entirely different, but useful approach is to limit your ability to gambling sites by having the bank block transactions from these tempting sites. 

Nowadays, most banks employ services that allow a user to deny transactions from specific merchants in advance of a purchase. Anyone struggling with addiction can use these measures to avoid temptation through the backend.

While the process of blocking access to funds will vary from bank to bank, almost all financial institutions give this level of control through an online banking portal. Do some research on your bank today to see how you can limit a credit card’s reach on any online gambling portal. 

4. Change the Settings on Your Wi-Fi 

In addition to blocking sites via outside services, you can ask a Wi-Fi provider to restrict access to specific sites via your IP address. 

Currently, most home and mobile internet access providers enable the blacklisting of sites through an IP address. These control measures are akin to parental control or office management tools. 

You can use this tool to your advantage to block a website from any device in your home that would use your IP address. This option can be helpful, particularly if multiple devices in the home or office require restriction. 

Moreover, this prevents an addicted individual from simply purchasing another device and accessing these gambling sites from a new device while at the site the IP address hosts. 

This method is handy if you want to block access to gambling sites for multiple people on the same network or users with multiple devices.

5. Use a Delay Service

Suppose you want to suspend these sites for only a minimal amount of time, for example, if someone were coming over to visit for a day. However, you don’t wish to block these sites for a more extended period. In these situations, you could use a delay app or service. 

These programs, often marketed as productivity tools for office workers and students, can temporarily block any site for a short period. These tools are not very sophisticated and often cap their blocking abilities at 24 hours. 

However, if you are looking for a stop-gap solution when someone visits your residence or business, these minimally invasive programs could be the perfect tool.

In the End

Altogether, these resources are a great way to help curb any gambling addiction. However, comprehensive treatment is often necessary to fully support someone in their path to recovery. 

If you or a loved one has suffered from these betting sites, consider seeking an addiction specialist or government treatment scheme in your area.

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