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Updated: 1st March 2021
Jamie Hooper

Jamie Hooper is an experienced journalist-cum-gambling expert based in London.

We’re the one stop shop for all things GamStop. So, if you have any questions, we’re here to help. We’re here to make gambling safe as much as it is fun.

They say that knowledge is power. And in terms of GamStop, this is most definitely the case. It gives you the power to manage your gambling and protect your wallet. We have a great deal of information on this site about GamStop and what it means to you. This includes:

But we know this is a never-ending task. New casinos pop up all the time. This is the global economy. You already know that with a smartphone you can access gaming sites from anywhere across the planet. And you need to know that you’re safe. We do too. It’s our mission to keep UK players as safe as possible. And one of the main tools in getting to a safe place is GamStop.

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