Casinos Not on GamStop

If you are looking for a casino then you will probably want to work with a GamStop one. They help you manage your play across all UK sites registered with the programme. But there are casinos not on GamStop out there for you to choose from. It would be remiss of us to ignore these sites. They have some great features and allow you to have fun in a safe manner. The non GamStop casinos we talk about have other safety features in place of the UK regulator GamStop. This means you get to have fun without putting your wallet at risk.

All of the non GamStop casinos are primarily for gamblers who want to enjoy games with higher bonuses and different features. The biggest operators in the UK are all registered for GamStop. But some players feel that this restricts their opportunity to have fun. It doesn’t have to be this way. Non GamStop casinos offer all that the big names offer plus more. So, if you want to look at casinos not on GamStop and do it safely, read this guide. There are many reputable casinos out there that may not have signed up to the regulations. This doesn’t mean that they are automatically unsafe. But we urge you to proceed with caution. Have fun but don’t take undue risks.

Non GamStop Casinos and You

Once you’ve triggered GamStop, you can’t go back. Exclusion is across all sites registered with the scheme. Changing this is impossible – that’s what the system was set up to do. If you identify a problem, you can again be excluded from all registered sites in one go. This gives you the time to resolve the issue and cool off. Any non-UKGC casino not registered with Gamstop don’t have the same restrictions. Playing non GamStop casinos is not recommended if you have had gambling issues in the past or are worried about any addictive tendencies you might have.

We’re pro GamStop. We believe strongly that it is the way forward to manage gambling effectively. And having said that, we encourage you to use GamStop casinos. But if you are looking at non GamStop casinos then you have to put some of your own rules in place.

These might include:

  • Setting time and money limits on your play yourself. A timer on your phone will enable you to do the first thing. Only putting a small amount in your account can help with the second.
  • Not having gambling apps on your smartphone. The temptation is far too much to simply click a few buttons and find that you’ve gambled a large sum of money. Your phone is always in your pocket. This can lead to temptation taking over.
  • Ask their customer service if they have a self-exclusion option if you find it becoming an issue. This is separate to GamStop but if they have this feature it can help you manage your gambling.

Don’t forget that we believe GamStop is the best way to manage any problem gambling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at non GamStop casinos if you know the rules.