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Gambling can be a lucrative and thoroughly enjoyable activity, but only if you can remain confident the sites you are using are legitimate. At Casino Wise, we aim to provide you with a variety of gambling sites not on GamStop that are tried-and-tested, so you don’t need to worry about getting scammed.

The main focus of gambling should be your enjoyment. You should not have to spend your time worrying about whether a site is fraudulent or not, or whether they can be trusted with your money. Through our recommendations, you can rest assured that your money is safe. All you need to worry about is playing responsibly and having a good time.

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    The gambling sites we recommend aren't fraudulent or well-disguised scams. We perform our due diligence.

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    We do our utmost to highlight gambling sites that provide you with the funds you're owed right on time.

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    Our reviews give you the facts. We don't feed you false information, and we don't push our own biases.

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    Doing gambling site research on-the-go? No problem. Our site is fully mobile-friendly, so we've got you covered.

Our Choice of Non-GamStop Casinos to Play in 2021

If you are playing from the United Kingdom, listed below are our top-rated casinos not on GamStop. The casinos listed here earn their positions by passing our rigorous testing and demonstrating the best continued gambling practices. This table will be updated continuously as we perform new tests and complete new reviews, so make sure to check back often if you’re looking for a new casino!


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400% up to €2,000 + 30% cashback

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300% up to £1,000 + daily cashback

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475% up to €3,000

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150% welcome bonus + 15% cashback

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Bonus up to 225% + 225 extra spins

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800% up to £/$/€3,000

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180% deposit match bonus up to €1,500

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750% up to €3,000 + daily bonuses

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Free spins bonus up to 425 extra spins

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Why Casino Wise UK is Your Bro

We understand that trust, especially in the world of gambling, is not easily earned. We don’t expect you to read what we have to say and immediately accept it as the truth. You’re wise not to! Believing everything you read online is precisely what lands so many gamblers in trouble. However, with Casino Wise, you don’t just need to take our word for it.

We publish full, unbiased reviews of the top gambling sites on a continual basis. We stay updated on the newest sites and verify their authenticity so you don’t have to. Our priority is player safety, and this is evident via the detailed information we provide. We genuinely want you to make the right financial decisions, which is why we cover a wide variety of gambling sites.

We only review gambling sites that are fully licensed. They may not abide by the licensing laws of the United Kingdom, but they must abide by a license of some form to qualify for our site. Otherwise, they will never feature on one of our recommended lists. This is just one of the many qualifying steps we take to keep our recommendation integrity in-tact.

Our main focus is finding the safest places for British players to gamble. However, we also understand the importance of having fun. We don’t review a site’s safety and call it a day. We also offer full breakdowns of what a site can offer and why they are worth playing with. Safety might be our priority, but we don’t want to suck the fun out of gambling either. They go hand-in-hand!


We are not affiliated with any gambling sites that may influence our reviews or the information we provide. We stay unbiased.

Trustworthy and Accurate Reviews

All of our reviews are based on factual information. We aren’t here to convince you of anything we can’t back up.

Safe and Licensed Casinos Only

Any gambling site we recommend has to be fully licensed to pass our rigorous standards. Otherwise, it does not qualify.

Always Up-To-Date

Gambling sites can change pretty frequently. From terms of service to specific offers, we stay up-to-date so you can too.

How We Find the Best Casino Sites

Our process of locating sites to recommend is thorough and diligent. We never recommend a site that doesn’t meet our exacting standards. When reviewing a site we review a variety of factors, not solely related to safety or authenticity, but also relating to enjoyment, unique features, and incentives.

As much as the safety of players is our priority, if we recommended every site that passed an authenticity check it would not be a very thorough review. We find the best gambling sites by vetting them on continued performance and how they stand up to competitors. Our goal is to provide British players with the best overall experience of online gambling. This requires a multi-faceted approach.

We strongly believe that online gambling should be fun. It should not result in significant financial detriment or continued stress. You should be able to play online without fear of scams or fraudulent activity with your funds. This should apply to all sites, including those that are non-GamStop or do not possess UK licensing. Listed below are just some of the ways we assess our reviewed sites.

Security and Safety
Security and Safety

When you sign up with a gambling site, you are sharing both personal and financial information. You cannot take this decision lightly, and neither do we. All sites we review are checked for security protocols to keep your data safe. If they don’t meet our standards, they don’t make it onto our site.

Platform Reputation and License
Platform Reputation and License

The sites we review and recommend may not abide by the licensing standards of the United Kingdom, but they still need to possess some form of licensing. We review the background of any site we recommend and take note of what previous gamblers have had to say. If a site has a terrible reputation and/or is not sufficiently licensed, it will never feature on Casino Wise.

Bonuses and Promotions
Bonuses and Promotions

An integral feature of any successful gambling site is how happy it can keep its users. A large part of this is the bonuses and promotions they are prepared to roll out. We pay particular attention to this when reviewing our sites. If a site has a promotion worth knowing about, you will be the first to find out about it here.

Game Library and Software
Game Library and Software

A gambling site is only ever as good as what it can offer its players. We take the time to fully review not only how many games a site possesses, but also how well they run. The world of online gambling is ever-changing, so it is imperative that the best casinos stay on top of trends and software. We talk all of this into account before making recommendations.

Customer Support That’s 24/7
Customer Support That’s 24/7

Brand responsiveness is integral to a successful casino. If you encounter any issues during a game, you need to know the service you are using can resolve it quickly. That’s why we take customer service into consideration when completing our reviews. If there is no effective point of contact, the site won’t feature in our recommendations.

Quick and Easy Payments
Quick and Easy Payments

Your winnings should be paid to you as quickly as your losses are taken by the site. One of the most prominent scams performed by online gambling sites is the withholding of funds. If we recommend a casino, then you can rest assured it features an efficient payout system that won’t leave you hanging.

Third-Party Audits and Certification
Third-Party Audits and Certification

We aren’t biased towards any one casino. All of our reviews are conducted thoroughly to provide you with only the facts. As a third-party website, we have nothing to gain or lose from recommending a site. We do it because we want online gamblers to stay safe and have fun when they play. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mobile Options
Mobile Options

The best online gambling sites understand the importance of making their layouts appropriate for multiple platforms. Being able to use a site while you’re on-the-go is imperative for many players who frequently find themselves travelling. The sites we recommend are multi-platform to accommodate any lifestyle.

You Can Rely On Us

Any sites we recommend that are non-GamStop or do not abide by UK-licensing are thoroughly tested to ensure their validity. The trustworthiness of the sites we recommend is our top priority, and we take our role seriously. When we recommend a site, you can rest assured it is appropriate for all UK players. This goes for all types of gambling, including slots, live casino games, poker, and a variety of other gaming options.

Safe and Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be fun. It should not be costing you significant amounts of money or placing your financial security at risk. Playing games in online casinos should solely be a recreational activity, not your sole means of income or outgoings. Despite this, hundreds of thousands of pounds are lost each year on bets.

Why is this? Well, simply put, gambling can be a slippery slope. It is a rewarding activity, even when we’re losing. If we win and earn money, we feel a ‘high’ and want to play again. If we lose, we feel determined to win the next round and regain everything we have lost. It is a vicious cycle, one that is all too easy to fall into. 

Whether you are new to gambling or have been playing for years, it is imperative that you stay mindful of your own gambling habits. This is especially true if you are looking to online gambling as a means to ‘bypass’ your self-exclusion. There are many reasons why you may regret the ban you placed, but if you feel like you need to play then it is time to slow down.

Detailed below is our full guide on how to gamble responsibly and how to seek help if you need it. Gambling addiction is sadly very common, so if you feel like you’re struggling, there is ample help available.

How to Play Safely

Playing safely can be defined as only gambling with money you can afford to lose and knowing when to stop. Essentially, to play safely you just need to set some firm boundaries for yourself that you know you will not breach. You must be strict with yourself and maintain these boundaries, as once you start pushing them it can be difficult to return to how you were.

It is easy to excuse over-spending here and there, but these activities can quickly build up into a real problem. Don’t take the risk. Define your boundaries and stick to them. Your boundaries may relate to the amount you have to spend, how long you want to play for, or a mixture of both. As long as you stick to your own rules, you should be secure.

Top Tips for Safe Gambling

Now we have covered the basics of how to stay safe, let’s talk about some specifics. Listed below are some tips on what you should and should not be doing when it comes to gambling.

1. Remember that Gambling is Not a Substitute for an Income

Gambling online can be a great way to earn a little extra cash, provided you are playing responsibly. If you are putting all of your money on slots and into poker games, you are playing a very dangerous game. Winnings from gambling should never be considered a dominant source of income.

There are two key reasons for this:

  1. The first is the temperamental nature of gambling. Part of what makes it so fun (and addictive) is that it is all down to luck and chance. However, this is not a responsible way to manage your lifestyle. Your winning streaks won’t last forever. Don’t gamble with your rent payments.
  2. The second key reason is the fact that, over time, it is highly likely you will spend more than you earn. Though you may feel like you have the game all figured out, it is impossible to maintain a series of wins forever. This leads to bigger bets and higher risks. Gambling should be seen as a recreational activity only. It is not a main source of income. 

2. You Should Only Gamble with Spare Cash

As we mentioned above, gambling is a recreational activity. Therefore, it should be treated as such in your budget. If you have some extra cash left over for whatever reason then, by all means, spend it how you like. Do not reach into your savings account or your rent budget to play another game.

This is especially true if you find yourself thinking anything along the lines of ‘It’s fine, I’ll only take from my savings this one time‘ or ‘I only need it for one more game, then I’m done’. Lines like these are usually the precursors to further addiction. It is easy to tell yourself you will only do something once. It is harder to stop once you have turned it into a learned behaviour. Maintain your budget boundaries!

3. Set a Time or Financial Limit for Yourself Before Playing

Before starting a game, it is easy to imagine that you will be able to stop whenever you want to. You have an unspecific number in your head of how much you want to spend before calling it quits. You know how much of your spare time you want to use up. You feel in control. However, this is not the way it always works out. 

Once you have joined a game it becomes incredibly difficult to stick to any vague limitations you may have set yourself beforehand. It quickly becomes a slippery slope. The excitement and adrenaline of playing are easy to get swept up in, and before you know it you have spent far more than you intended to in bets.

One way to combat this is to be specific with your limitations prior to joining any game. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to getting swept up in the moment. Take control by writing down a specific figure that you refuse to surpass. Similarly, write down a designated time limit on how long you are going to play for. This gives you a framework to navigate and will help to prevent you from slipping into endless games.

4. Do Not Chase After Your Lost Funds

One of the biggest mistakes gamblers make is chasing after the money they have lost. If you aren’t familiar with what we mean by this, chasing lost money is the process of trying to win back what you have already lost. It is a dangerous game to play because more often than not, you are only going to lose more money.

No one likes losing, especially when money is on the line. However, that is the risk you take when gambling. When it happens, it is important to accept the outcome graciously. Don’t pursue the money you have already lost. You will only end up losing even more money and ultimately sinking even further. It isn’t worth it!

5. Don’t Play While Under the Influence

Lots of recreational activities are usually paired with alcohol to enhance the overall experience. There are times where that is appropriate. Gambling is not one of them. When under the influence of alcohol, your inhibitions fade away and you are far more likely to make decisions that you never would while sober.

These decisions can vary from an innocent ‘Oh, I’ll just play one more game’ all the way up to the more disastrous ‘I’m going to bet my rent money so I can double it’. Both seem entirely plausible to a drunk version of yourself. Don’t take the risk. Curb your drinking while gambling, or you may wake up with bigger regrets than a simple hangover. 

How to Stop Gambling When You Go Too Far

Have you noticed that you may possess some unhealthy habits when it comes to gambling? The first step to recovery requires acknowledgment that there is a problem. The fact you have noticed an unhealthy pattern in yourself means you are already on the right track. Where can you go from here?

Preventing yourself from doing something you enjoy is exceptionally difficult. This holds true even if you know that behaviour is detrimental. Thousands of people struggle with gambling addiction, but this also means that there is significant support out there to help you quit. It is not impossible to overcome your addiction, it may just require some prolonged effort and determination.

Some tactics you can enforce in daily life to minimise your gambling include:

  • Do Not Act On Your Urge: Every time you get the urge to gamble, wait. Do not immediately satisfy it. While this will be difficult to do at first, over time you will find your urges dwindling in intensity. Eventually, the urge won’t be able to overtake you at all.
  • Distract Yourself: While waiting for your urge to pass, fill your time with a different activity. This could be exercise, calling a friend, having a bath or shower, or write down a detailed account of how you are feeling. It may sound unusual to some, but writing out how you feel can effectively dissipate those unwanted feelings.
  • Keep Your Money Out of Reach: If your cards are within arm’s reach of your computer or always on your person, keep them elsewhere. This will prevent you from reaching out to them whenever you have the urge. It will also give you time to reconsider your actions.

None of these are quintessential fixes to addiction, but they are a start and can be easily implemented into your daily life. Remember, do not put too much pressure on yourself. Relapses are normal with addiction, and it may take far longer than you would like to fully ‘recover’. That is okay. As long as you are taking steps every day towards curbing your addiction, you are doing well.

Where to Go in the UK with Gambling Problems

There are a variety of websites available to help you through your gambling addiction. Additionally, a quick Google search on how to stop can point you in the direction of multiple helpful resources. You can also find help via the NHS, as gambling addiction is recognised as a compulsive disorder that can profoundly harm the sufferer. If you feel that you may need additional help, consider speaking with your GP about recovery options. They may introduce you to a support group or suggest 1-on-1 counseling to help you manage your gambling compulsions.



Seek information, advice and support from a qualified counsellor. Find out more.



Block your devices’ access to gambling sites and apps for free. Download here.



Sign up to exclude yourself from all UK gambling apps and sites for free. Unfortunately, betting sites not on GamStop and online casinos cannot be banned.


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Jamie Hooper has more than 10 years' experience in the world of online gambling entertainment. Today, he's a journalist-cum-gambling expert who is based in London. Casino Wise is his way of making sure that everyone can enjoy gambling responsibly, whether that's through registering for GamStop or finding ways to get around GamStop Self-Exclusion.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This section should clear up the rest of your burning questions. If you have any specific questions about non-GamStop online casinos, feel free to email us via our Contact page.

Is Casino Wise Up-To-Date?

Yes. We take great effort in ensuring all the information we provide is in line with the latest developments in online gambling.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is a name given to any website where you can play a variety of gambling games. This can be slots, poker, blackjack, or any other game you could expect to find in a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ casino.

What are Online Slots?

Simply slot machines that are online. They function just the same as traditional slot machines. The term ‘online slots’ is an umbrella term for numerous virtual slot machines that online casinos provide.

Is it Legal to Gamble Online on Sites Without a UKGC License in the UK?

Yes, provided the online casino itself is not based within the United Kingdom. If it is, then it must comply with UKGC licensing. It is legal for a player within the United Kingdom to use an online casino that is not based within the UK.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Gamble Online in the UK?

You must be 18 or older to legally gamble online in the UK.

Do UK Players Pay Taxes on Their Winnings?

No. Your winnings are entirely tax-free.

Can I Play for Free at Online Casinos?

This depends on the online casino in question. Some require subscription fees or entry fees to participate, others do not. If you aren’t interested in waging money and want to play with virtual currency, there are many online casinos that can accommodate this.

Do I Need to Download Special Software to Play at Online Casino Sites?

No. The vast majority of online casinos can be operated through your browser with no need for any additional downloads.

How Do I Get My Winnings?

This will vary from site to site, but most online casinos will provide you with a ‘wallet’ or similar section of your account where you can claim your funds. Your online wallet is usually connected to your bank account or some form of cash app to allow swift withdrawal.


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