Welcome to the site. We are here to help you understand the world of safe gambling and ensure that you have a load of fun – but without major risk to your financial health. And one of the major ways of making sure your gambling is safe is something called GamStop. As you read through this website, we hope you will learn the benefits of this system. Check out our page called ‘What Is GamStop’ where you will find all manner of details that will help you understand this great system.

But for now, let’s look at some of the facts about the gambling industry and casino websites. This will open your eyes a little, In the UK we have some of the best regulations in the world. These are designed to help protect you. A few facts:

  • There are such things as – casinos not on GamStop. There are many SCAM sites (these you should avoid).
  • You can find that some non-UK casinos are not on GamStop. Again, be careful.
  • When looking at non UK casinos, be aware that they don’t follow the same rules as us. In an international world (such as the internet) we can access sites from other domains.
  • There is a licencing system in the United Kingdom. This means that the non UK licensed casinos don’t follow our code of practice.
  • You might find that independent casinos haven’t signed up to our code of conduct, particularly on GamStop. This means you don’t have the same protections.
  • You can find betting sites not on GamStop. Again, they don’t have the same level of protection you get with those that are.
  • If you come across no verification casino sites, then you need to ask a few questions. One of those questions is – ‘why don’t they ask for verification?’ Another one that you do well to avoid.

GamStop, This Website And You

We’re all about the money – your money that is.

This website will cover the topic of GamStop. We will include reviews of online casinos. These will be posted, both with the UK gambling license and international (European) online casinos not cooperating with GamStop. They say that forewarned is forearmed. We are here to give you the information to make the right decisions for your finances with regards gambling.

We include recommendations on where is better and safer for British players to play. We want you to have all the fun but also to stay as safe as possible. That means a lot of information on safe and responsible playing. With different guides and the latest insider information, we’re here to make this as safe and happy as possible for you.

We want to be the best and most honest friend for gambling enthusiasts in the UK. We are in favour of making online casino games just fun without harming your wallet.

If you have any questions at all then please drop us a line. We’re always here to help. Check out our Contact Us page for more details on how to engage with us. And please stay safe.